Monday, August 13, 2007

Huckabee for President!!

I first noticed Gov. Huckabee during the CNN debates couple of months ago. His eloquence and courage in defending his views on creation first caught my attention. Even though I am an evangelical and the candidate's faith is an important factor, I wasn't sure whether Gov. Huckabee's views on domestic and foriegn policy aligned with mine. So, I did more research, watched more youtube videos, and I was surprised to know there was a candidate out there that I can feel excited about. I almost gave up hope on the 2008 election till I came to know Gov. Huckabee.

In the past week, we saw how he was able to take an underfunded campaign and maximize the results. He came in second right after Gov. Mitt Romney at 18%. Sen. Sam Brownback followed him with 15%. Even though I believe the Senator is a genuine Christian, he doesn't possess the charisma and communication skills that Gov. Huckabee does. Brownback comes off as angry, while Huckabee seems genuine and empathetic.

There are so many things I like about this candidate that it's hard to talk about it all in one blog post. In the coming days, I will go into his domestic and foreign policy views. I urge you all to look into his campaign! Check out his blog, it's very informative!!

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