Monday, December 10, 2007


They forced my hand again.. here's the article.

Just because a liberal reporter likes a republican candidate doesn't mean its the end of the world. I think more than anything it shows the cross-over appeal he has.

Chris Matthews loves Giuliani and no one is crying about that.. why the double standard on Huckabee? Anyways, here is my response:

I'm a supporter of Gov. Huckabee. I'm not going to start attacking the rival candidates, but I wanted to clear up the SCHIP issue that Hugh Hewitt, a radical supporter of Romney try to pin Huckabee on. The next day, Gov. Huckabee was invited to an interview with Michael Reagan. Reagan was concerned about Gov. Huckabee's interview with Hugh Hewitt and asked him the same question.

If you all have the curiosity to listen, please listen to this mp3 clip of that day's Michael Reagan Radio Show.


He explained he would have vetoed the bill in it’s present form, but he
would not have allowed the bill to come before him in that form because
he would have framed the debate in a way that would have shown what the
bill was all about. The two then got into a discussion about the way
the Republicans have fallen down on the job and let the Democrats frame
the debate about the issues.

I believe Gov. Huckabee explained his reasoning really well. He was against the SCHIP bill that the democrats put up, but he said he wouldn't have let them come out and start attacking republicans as child haters and those who love to fund the Iraq war. He basically said that we can't let the democrats frame the debate.

Hugh Hewitt has zero credibility. He came out with a book on Romney and he has no choice but to support him at any cost.

Let's not get focused on these "Gotcha" moments.

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