Monday, November 5, 2007

Huckabee surging: Genuine grassroots online website - - Enlist Today

The number of Huckabee supporters is growing and is getting stronger by the day. One thing you find in common in supporters like me is the undying support of our candidate Gov. Huckabee. Recently, a few awesome supporters decided to come together and start a genuine grassroots campaign for Gov. Huckabee from scratch.

The website is

There you can join a community of 500 supporters (and growing) and discuss the latest news on Gov. Huckabee, read about the truth against each false accusation leveled at him, and finally watch archived videos of the Governor on the campaign trail and also in national news.

I had my doubts in the beginning, but now I'm the biggest fan of I post articles on there on a daily basis and sometimes I forget the fact that I have to update my own blog.

Take a look at the website, read the articles on the forum and decide for yourself if you want to join!

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