Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mitt Romney waffles and flip flops - Romney Deception (updated)

I would let the video speak for itself.

In the meanwhile, read this well written article about the Romney Deception.
Also this article from Gregg Jackson
National Review's critique on Romney Healthcare plan
MSNBC's coverage of Romney's 'change' on positions


Anonymous said...

You should understand the real meaning and definition of flip-flop! If you do, flip-flop does not apply to Romney.

Justin said...

I don't care about the meaning of the word 'flip-flop', I know Mitt Romney is famous for tweaking and flipping his view on things to get elected. Frankly I don't trust such typical politicians.

He was clearly distancing himself from Reagan during his senate election and now he's all of the sudden the best friend of Reagan.

I have more respect for Ted Kennedy because everyone knows where he stands even though he holds the wrong views IMO.

ted said...


I was just watching CNN and Ron Paul was saying that “a [typical] politician changes his mind on occasion.” So you prefer a politician that tells true lies, such as Kennedy and Giuliani? Then I would rather have the one who has changed his mind.

Justin said...

I said I have more respect for Ted Kennedy, not that I would vote for him. I will never vote for a liberal.

I don't think Giuliani and Kennedy tell 'true lies' about their beliefs. They strongly and genuinely (but wrongly) believe in their liberal views.

Romney on the other hand didn't genuinely change his views. I frankly don't know what he believes because he waffles all the time.

For one, why does he push this Reagan theme? His policies have Reagan's name in them, he always talks about optimism. It is all superbly fake.

Why elect Mitt Romney when there are candidates like Gov. Huckabee whom I support. Mitt Romney should run for another term in Massachusetts. Not enough Governmental executive experience.