Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nov 20th unofficial grassroots fundraising drive for Gov. Huckabee

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There has been a great deal of discussion on the Huck's Army Forums regarding the November 20th Fundraising goal. Some positive, some negative. Huck's Army would like to go on the record in saying that we admire and respect those who have made it happen.

Though some of us remain personally opposed to "donate later" fundraising goals in general, we all encourage you to donate what you can on November 20th. There are a number of unaffiliated organizations that have picked up this story, and as such, failure now would be a disservice to the Mike Huckabee campaign.

We won't pretend to be able to raise as much in one day as another candidate, but this is an opportunity to show that our grassroots army has gained enough momentum to help push the campaign past its November fundraising goal.

We are all striving to support Mike Huckabee. We may have different tactics for accomplishing that goal, but it is imperative that we ultimately work together to do what is necessary to help Mike win. In our opinion supporting the November 20th effort would serve Mike well.

Even if you don't register on the site, making a donation on Tuesday, November 20th via would help the effort immensely. Be sure to use Donor Code 160. Let's repeat that: Be sure to use Donor Code 160.

Please continue to encourage your friends and family to make ongoing donations to Mike Huckabee, and encourage them to make their best donation on Tuesday, November 20th.

So, head over to November 20th - For The Children today and register your support. Even if you can't quite afford $100 we encourage you to sign up to give what you can. Every dollar counts.

Together we can "Take a Stand for the Future" and turn Governor Huckabee into President Huckabee. Faith. Family. Freedom. [Grassroots].

Let's Roll,
Huck's Army

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