Sunday, October 21, 2007

Foxnews Republican Debate 10/21

UPDATE:::::I loved the response from the Fox News Focus Group. At least 3 of them said that Huckabee wasn't given a chance to speak and they liked his responses from the 4 questions that were asked of him. I was extremely surprised to hear that response and I literally jumped out of my seat!! The whole video of the Luntz experiment is below. The conversation about Huckabee is towards the end. created this graph of the amount of time given per candidate. After watching the clip above, I would say Huckabee made use of his very limited minutes. This man is truly an underdog, I believe with all my heart that God will raise this "David". Just watch.

UPDATE: Why is Gov. Huckabee's website down? said that it possibly might be a SPAM attack/ DOS.

I'm not putting expectations high for Gov. Huckabee just because I know the questioners are not going to ask him any substantive questions.

These are the two key criteria that Gov. Huckabee has to meet in this debate:
- Gov. Huckabee has to stand out, which means he needs to clearly differentiate himself against all the other candidates. He knows actually how and when to speak, so I have all the confidence in him.
- Gov. Huckabee has to appear presidential. He needs to come strong against terrorism and explain the War on Terror in a way no one in that audience has heard before.

Lets pray for the Governor and see what happens!

Like I predicted Gov. Huckabee got very few questions. No surprise there.

Gov. Huckabee tried to break out of the group and told the fellow candidates to fight it out amongst themselves and he will be standing alone after it all. Whether it worked or not I don't know.
What I know is Gov. Huckabee answered every single questions clearly and concise. If Republicans want to win they better get this man nominated. I can't wait to see a debate between Gov. Huckabee and Hillary.

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