Saturday, October 20, 2007

Surprise: Romney campaign spins the results

Byron York on posts the latest spin coming from the Romney Campaign. It seems like there is a close relationship between the Romney campaign and columnists because they seem to stick up for Romney every time something negative comes against him.

A representative of the Romney campaign just called to point out that some people who attended the Values Voters conference in person might still have voted online. "You could vote in person or you could vote online," he said. "That might be a reason why there is a bigger gap." He didn't claim that Romney actually won the on-site contest, only that it might not have been quite the Huckabee blowout that it appears. And indeed, that might help explain why the on-site vote total was just 952, when more than 2,500 people registered for the conference.

My Thoughts: Frankly what difference does it make. Gov. Romney won by 30 votes overall. There were 5775 total votes and like Byron York says 2500 people registered for the conference. That leaves us with 3275 extra online voters. Couldn't the 30 extra voters come from them?

I still believe there was a definite blow out in support of Mike Huckabee among the on-site voters. It might not have been as high as the stats say but I think Gov. Huckabee got at least 40 percent with Mitt Romney at 25%. Romney's support might be even lower if we factor in Fred Thompson's supporters as well.

Let me put a spin the results as well. If most of the voters placed their vote before even hearing Giuliani and Huckabee then that means they didn't give a fair chance to hear all candidates. Can't we assume that if those delegates who voted early had heard Gov. Huckabee a day earlier they would've changed their vote? There was a report about a voter who switched his support from Thompson to Huckabee after hearing Huckabee's speech.

We can spin this thing however we want. The main point is that Gov. Huckabee needs to be placed in the first-tier. Romney spent millions and millions (including 10+ million of his own) and Huckabee spent virtually less than 1/10th. He's closely competing with Romney in Iowa and in every straw poll Huckabee seems to steal the thunder away from Romney. I hope many in the mainstream notice this and stop belittling Gov. Huckabee.

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One Mom said...

I expect the MSM to use money and power as the criteria to determine whether a candidate deserves to be president or not. What pains me more is Christian leaders who are doing the same thing. If Bauer and Perkins and the rest of them actually listened to many of those they invited to speak (such as Laura Ingraham who made some very powerful statements at the WB this afternoon urging people not to sell out their principles for the "guise" of electability. I was impressed with what she had to say).

Now we continue to pray (the debate is tomorrow night, so no rest for Mike Huckabee) ... that will be another huge event right on top of this one.