Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Importance of a Grassroots campaign for Huckabee

Gov. Huckabee said this recently about his campaign:
"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then they show up for your inauguration."

This is a paraphrased version of what Gandhi said once and it really does exemplify the step-by-step progress the Huckabee campaign is making.

We can remember the days when Gov. Huckabee was ignored and placed along with all the other unknown candidates. A few but very vocal and energetic supporters saw his genuineness and his eloquence in communicating very divisive topics and we put our support behind him.

I remember reading the blog comments on back in May and June and many were contributing to a candidate for the first time. I personally always thought donating to a political campaign was a waste of money. However, when I saw Gov. Huckabee speak during the debates, I felt a very huge burden to do whatever it takes to help this man win the nomination for President. I was convinced that the money that I will donate to Gov. Huckabee would never be wasted. I know the outcome, and it will be victory.

As time went by Governor Huckabee started winning straw polls, doing well in more and more debates, and the media started giving him free-time because they love an underdog. Many at that point made fun of his last name. Many mocked the fact that he was a pastor before entering politics.

Now we have just entered the period of attacks on Gov. Huckabee now that he is in the first-tier. Several news websites with little credibility have started coming out with vicious articles. The unfortunate part is that many mainstream conservative websites are linking to those articles and are joining in their attacks against Gov. Huckabee.

From now till the end of the republican primary will be an attack season on Gov. Huckabee.

Folks, I can't think of a time when significant grassroots efforts are needed for our candidate. The evangelical leaders don't listen to our opinions anymore, and the conservative media websites think they can muzzle anyone into electing who they want. IT IS TIME WE TELL THEM WHO WE CHOOSE AND NOT TAKE THE BACKSEAT.

Many of us have no experience in being in a political campaign, haven't spoken in front of people nor have organized fundraising events. Nevertheless, one has to start somewhere and here are some things you can do if you are a supporter of Mike Huckabee:
(credit to 'mommahawk' from Oklahoma)

1. Register for Huck's Army Forum to connect and get involved!

2. Join Huck's Army (enlist at

3. Connect with local Huckabee efforts or start a group in your area at

4. Volunteer! Sign up for Team Huckabee at

5. Contact friends and family. Open up that address book and send out emails to let everyone know why YOU LIKE MIKE!

6. DONATE!! Go to and click on "Contribute."

7. Make Mike a friend. Add Mike Huckabee to your Facebook or Myspace account.

8. Contact influential religious and political leaders and encourage them to back Mike! See this thread for more information:

9. Write your local newspaper and let them know why you like Mike!

10. Get your Huckabee Gear and show off your support for Mike. Visit the campaign store or

---------------------------------------------------- is a very very valuable forum for grassroots activists who support Gov. Huckabee. You can find forums on Gov. Huckabee's record, ideas on how to raise funds, how to spread the word, etc. Please register yourself and join in the discussion!!!

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