Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Letter to Gary Bauer

For those who don't know Gary Bauer, here is his website.

Gary Bauer's endorsement really wouldn't help Gov. Huckabee, but Mr. Bauer's recent comments belittling him will. All I ask of him is to not saying negative things about a fellow Evangelical candidate, but just say "Gov. Huckabee is a formidable candidate". He might personally think Giuliani has a better chance, but thats just his view.

Here's what Richard Land said recently, and maybe this is a good format for Gary Bauer to use:
"When asked who among the other candidates he liked Land said he had no problem with John McCain or Fred Thompson but added "I know Mike Huckabee. I think he would make a fine president."

I just wonder why in the world Bauer ran for president in 1999 against George W. Bush. He was in the race for a while as a 3rd Tier candidate. He was wrong then, and he's wrong now.

Anyways, here's the letter I emailed him:
Mr. Bauer,
As I type this email I'm watching your speech at the Family Research Council convention. You mentioned that we need a war president and that prompted me to write to you.

Previously, you also made some comments about Gov. Huckabee being weak on Terror and I wanted to address that.

Here is the link to the speech Gov. Huckabee made at CSIS in Washington D.C. about foreign policy. I am a pro-war on terror, born-again Christian and I absolutely agree with what he had to say. He eloquently stated what's at stake 1000 times better than what Bush has ever articulated.

Please take a look at his foreign policy views. He is well informed and he did visit Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay as the Governor of Arkansas. What foreign experience does Mitt Romney, Thompson, Giuliani have? Giuliani has spoken a lot about foreign policy, but thats it.

I know you know Gov. Huckabee is a strong pro-life candidate. He is authentic, conservative, God-fearing, appealing to both democrats and republicans.

I ask you reconsider your views and give him a second look. Please look into your conscience and support the man who most closely aligns with your views. If you as a leader of the Christian conservative movement put aside your convictions, then we the Christian conservatives won't be a viable constituency anymore. It matters what God thinks, not the latest pew poll.

Thanks and God Bless you!


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