Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Here's the letter.

Let's get this moving, here's what the Brownback campaign is now saying:

"Just 400 more votes, said Brownback adviser David Kensinger, and “we’d be having a different conversation.”
...Or his bounce could be temporary, Kensinger said. “If you look at the fundamentals — fundraising, strength in organization in early states — Brownback still has the edge.”

Huckabee has flaws, he added, such as signing several tax increases as governor.

But Huckabee’s straw poll count was aided by Americans for Fair Taxation, which wants to replace the tax code with a sales tax. The group turned out big, giving him a base in a state where he did not have one before.

Brownback’s camp gripes that Huckabee was a latecomer to the concept. Not true, Huckabee’s people say."

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