Saturday, September 22, 2007


If you believe like me that Sen. Brownback is nothing but a distraction to the social conservative movement, please co-sign with me. I will send a letter to his campaign by the end of this week.



Anonymous said...


Huckabee is a tax-and-spend redneck who has to get out of the race! Where was Huckabee at this year's March for Life? Brownback led it!

Justin said...

tax and spend redneck? That's the first time i've heard anyone call him that. I guess brownback is a white neck.
Compared to Brownback, Gov. Huckabee was actually leading a whole state and had a budget to keep. By the end of his two terms, he left the state with a large surplus.
Brownback just had to go to the chamber and vote yes or no. Easy to do.
In the area of life, I rather see Brownback go back to his job as senator and defend the pro-life movement. If he keeps staying in the race you won't see a pro-life candidate become the nominee for the republicans.
If he puts his big ego aside, he will see what I'm talking about.

He obviously knows that Mike Huckabee is just as pro-life as him, there's no need to brag about one's pro-life holiness.

Anonymous said...

Of course you're going to have a big surplus after raising taxes!! And instead of giving the money back to the people, Huckabee found new ways to spend it. He's on the wrong side of the aisle. What pro-life accomplishments does Huckabee have? And why wasn't he at this year's March for Life? Busy destroying hard drives in the Governor's mansion?

Justin said...

Gov. Huckabee has had plenty of significant pro-life achievements in his own state of Arkansas. I'm actually confused why you would make an issue out of that.

Brownback isn't the holiest guy out there, there are many other senators just like him who are fighting for the pro-life movement. Brownback's pompous attitude at the Values' voter debate cost him all the votes. He was an absolute turn-off.

He didn't spend the surplus he helped to create in Arkansas. His successor is now providing a tax cut for the people of Arkansas, just what Huckabee would've done.

Are you the blogger on brownbacker? Because you seem to be the only supporter for Brownback.