Sunday, September 9, 2007

Significance of 'Evangelical' Leaders

As an evangelical Christian myself, it boggles me when I see news stories that emphasize the importance of endorsements from so-called Evangelical leaders.

Richard Land, a leader in the Southern Baptist Convention, recently discredited Gov. Huckabee's by saying,
“We like Mike a lot, but nobody thinks he can beat Hillary, and a fear of another Clinton White House outweighs almost everything.”

These so-called evangelical leaders are so worried about losing the election that they are willing to put their convictions aside.

I honestly don't listen to what they have to say. Evangelical Christians attend autonomous churches and are very independent-minded. What we look for is authentic individuals who believe in Christ and have shown the fruits, who would stand up for family values, and keep our country secure.

So, next time you see some big news announcement of an endorsement, just know that most evangelicals don't give a hoot. We will make up our own minds.

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