Thursday, September 13, 2007


I watched the President's 17 minute speech to the Nation tonight.

You can see the conflict within himself. You just feel like he wants to say, "why don't you get it?", "why don't you show the resolve?" I was hoping that he would stop reading from the teleprompter at some point and speak from the heart.

I felt very sorry for him, and as a fellow citizen of this Great Nation, I feel sad for this country. Unfortunately, the administration has badly lost the communications war. Every kind of accusation against the administration is sticking on them. Even before he spoke, the media 'experts' prophesied that the nation who turned in to listen to him will not 'listen' to him.

I can't say its the media's fault. The Bush administration from the beginning has not emphasized on communicating to the public. I think the President isn't much of a policy talker and he likes looking at the big picture and making decisions based on principle. These days it is imperative that a leader knows how to communicate eloquently.

Lets look at the big picture here:
Osama Bin Laden does not like the fact that Iraq is becoming a democracy. He and Ayman Al Zawahiri has made clear that they want to see all Muslims unite in the Middle East and create an Islamic Empire (and later expand it). How would an Islamic Empire look like? Look at Afghanistan when Taliban was in control, look at Anbar province and Fallujah before our soldiers took them back. THAT IS THEIR IDEOLOGY.


Have you ever heard of people actually countering an ideology with a bunch of cops? That's what some people in our country believe we should do.

The 'West' as a whole is inebriated in a morally relativistic society. We have become blind to truth and principle. Examples? The media equates Christian Evangelicals with Islamic extremists who blow up innocent civilians. Also recently, Brian Williams of NBC suggested that the insurgents and terrorists that blow up Iraqi women and children are similar to the revolutionary freedom fighters like George Washington.

If we continue not to truly understand our enemy, our nation will be in peril.

I know I'm blabbering here, but I also know I'm not the only one that believes in this mission. There are men and women in the military who wholeheartedly believe in this mission, and I salute them and pray for their safety.


Bob said...

I was a staunch supporter of President Bush from day one. Still am. However, I agree that his communication skills are lacking, to say the least. He is such a terrible communicator at times that I can barely stand to watch some of his speeches and press conferences.

He did well tonight I thought, because he probably rehearsed it a million times. But when he has to speak off the cuff and "from the heart" he seems to start stuttering and goofing all over the place. So I'm actually glad he kept to the prompter, because he sounded good tonight.

Speaking of communication skills, Huckabee seems to be the master at it. He engages and makes people from all political views stop and actually listen to what he is saying. He uses analogies where necessary, humor, and then is serious when he knows he needs to be. He knows the art of communication, probably from his stint as a Pastor.

Huckabee is a five star candidate. If he doesn't win the nomination, I will be very disappointed in our conservative electorate!

Justin Thomas said...

I absolutely agree with you Bob. This war hinges on "communication."

I didn't want to talk about Huckabee in that particular post because I didn't think it was appropriate.

I do believe though, that our nation is hungry for a leader who can speak clearly, lead with principle and communicate he believes, and unite this country.
Huckabee meets all three criteria.

I pray that he gets elected. If not I see no hope for this country (yes, I'm that blunt).