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Live Blogging - Republican Debate 09/05

Caution: The post below is pro-Huckabee. :)

Update: Exchange between Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee

Update: 10:36 pm

Huckabee has a personable moment with Campaign Carl. He says Fred Thompson forfeited the debates. I agree.

Update: 10:28 pm
Frank Luntz shows the exchange between Huckabee and Paul and displays how the response from Conservatives and Moderates were positive in favor of Mike Huckabee. As I watched the exchange again, I have to admit that Huckabee showed enormous strength, and you can see his tough side.

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My Thoughts: I didn't think Huckabee did so well, maybe because he didn't get enough time. In the other debates he stood out, not this one. I hope the small clip between Huckabee and Paul will be shown all over the media. If it weren't for that clip, Huckabee would've utterly failed this debate. I thank God that he got the chance to counter Rep. Ron Paul's ridiculous points.

I think McCain did quite well. However, he won't win the nomination. Giuliani kept talking about how he single-handedly did everything for NYC, which is not the case. Romney stumbled through his answers, didn't show much charisma.

Post Debate Interviews: Mike Huckabee
Acknowledges the lack of Name-ID. He leaves open to possibility to be a VP candidate.
He does a better job at this interview than the debates. I hope people were still watching.


9:30 pm
Scenario questions:
On the Iran situation.
Paul: One of the candidate laughs (its Giuliani, and I think its extremely rude).. Paul says we need to be cautious and congress must approve war. There is a lot of Ron Paul supporters/fanatics.
Tomcredo: Stumbly. It seems like he has a lot of thoughts coming out of mouth at the same time.. Bush syndrome.
Hunter: He has lot of knowledge on military affairs.. I must admit that. However, he is empty on other policies.
Huckabee: "When a president is elected president, he is elected president to.." I hope he answers this question.
He communicated his values and how his heart and head will be involved, and any decision to go to war will be after a lot of preparation and cautiousness.
Brownback: Attack the Iranian soldiers.
Guiliani: Iran must not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. Made some good points. Invokes Ronald Reagan.
Romney: Too many details.. maybe its because I'm typing while listening to the debate. He argues a bit with Brit Hume about "getting full cooperation from both sides." Romney says its possible.
McCain: Talks about the danger of Iran. Invokes Ronald Reagan.

Thoughts: I loved the exchange between Huckabee and Paul. That was the highlight of the evening so far. Huckabee didn't get any chances to speak after that. His support on the fair tax might have a bad effect on his campaign. I love the fair tax idea but there are lot of misconceptions about it. Some people in audience probably just heard it for the first time and when they hear the criticisms of the plan, they just assume that it is bad.

9:21 pm
Question from Campaign Carl. Family values to Giuliani. Good question.
He talks about the struggles he had on the job and that had an affect on his personal life. He says he is not perfect. Stresses his experience and record.

9:15 pm
Question on Taxes.
McCain: Why haven't you signed the No Tax Pledge. He says he has supported tax cuts. Cut spending not just taxes. He says there no point in signing the pledge, he stands on his record. (which means he might raise taxes)
Brownback: Angry again. People are completely turned off to this guy. Kinda sad, but understandable. Eh
Guiliani: Tax Raises in NYC. Why not take the tax pledge. Why is he bragging too much about himself and how he single-handedly did everything for NYC.
Romney: His nickname Fee-Fee.. He raised fees in Massachusetts. He talks about the democrats and how they are going to raise the taxes. I almost feel like he pulls out the democrat card when he doesn't want to answer the question.
Huckabee: Fair Tax. Critique by Wallace on the fair tax and how sales tax will go high to not 23% but 30 something. People don't know much about the fair tax in New Hampshire it seems. I hope that his staunch support on the fair tax doesn't hurt his chances.
Paul: Ahh...

9:10 pm
Question to Romney: Wiretapping mosques?
HE says no, we need a warrant from a judge to do that. I see lots of attacks on Romney during this debate.
Tancredo: Ah, stumbling again.. He doesn't believe waterboarding is torture.
McCain: Has Bush crossed the line? He says we shouldn't torture, it can backfire on us.
McCain praises Huckabee for his kind words.
Giuliani: Supports Guantanamo, makes a good point on how we keep talking about retreating from the Iraq war.
Hunter: Talks about how well treated the prisoners are in Guantanamo.
Brownback: Question on executive power and the vice president. He says No. THe way he said No caused the audience to laugh.

9:00 pm
Question to the Deputy Sheriff. He questions Romney on his vague answer and attacked him for comparing the armed forces and his sons sacrificing for his campaign.
Romney kinda stumbles... ehh.. its hard to listen to what he said after that stinger.. He says to go to his website. He wants to hear from Petreaus to judge the success of the surge.. he's not answering the question.

8:45 pm
National Security:
McCain - asks about his comments on Giuliani. He praises Giuliani, but says he has more experience.
He points out how he for the longest time promoted the current surge strategy.
Giuliani - Says he would've supported McCain if he wasn't running. He said that he isn't running on his 9/11 credentials, but on how he changed NYC around. Talks about how he is experienced.
Romney - Talks about his plan in Iraq. First support role, then standby role in kuwait. No timetable on it, it depends on how we succeed.
McCain - Insists that the surge is working, cuts off Romney who said "apparantly", says "not apparantly". Pretty good defense on the surge.
Paul - I'm not even going to spend my energy on this one..
HUCKABEE needs to respond at this point..
Brownback????? - why ask him??? AHHH.. Brownback totally bombed the followed up question.. he's gone!
Huckabeee!! where are you!
Finally... question to Huckabee: AWESOME ANSWER! Responds to Cong. Paul. Asks how we can leave something we broke without fixing it... we must keep our honor. Praises McCain, says he is honorable.
Paul responds.. Huckabee hits back Paul! Huckabeeeee yes!!! Lots of applause. I'm liking this!! Good stuff..
Did Huckabee give a substantial answer? No.. but the way he countered Paul was tight.
Hunter: Talks about the progress of the Marines and Army. Good stats. Talks about the determination of the U.S. Armed forces. Good Answer.
Tancredo: Stumble, stumble, stumble. He ends off well though.

Thoughts: I was particularly watching Gov. Huckabee. He hasn't shined though yet. He stumbled a bit on the question on life, but I'm impressed how he doesn't say "ah.. umm.." whenever he speaks. He just stays silent and thinks his thoughts through and then speaks.

8:36 pm
Question from Campaign Carl. Should there be a constitutional amendment on marriage.
Brownback - Gets boos for saying yes. He comes off as angry. He can't convince those who are already has their minds set on supporting gay marriage. I agree with his views, though.

8:35 pm
Question about Guns, can college students carry guns to school.
Giuliani - NYC was safer than Boston.. oooo. He reduced crime 75% all on his own? Hmm..
Paul - Airlines are responsible for security, not the government. I see it as a bunch of rhetoric. His world is an utopian one.

8:25 pm
Question about Larry Craig.
Brownback - The way he talks is kinda funny. He says he wants to rebuild the family. How is he going to do that??? I say let churches do that, not the government.
Hunter - Yes, Craig should resign. Talks about the double standard between republican scandals and democratic scandals.. Good point. He can be a good V.P.
Romney - He likes to see Roe v Wade overturned, but America isn't there right now..
Huckabee - Asks him to compare between Guiliani and Romney. He declines. He stumbles a little bit, but answers the question with what he has said always about life.

8:20 pm
Question from a police officer on what do to about the illegal immigrants here.
Giuliani answers, second's Huckabee's answers from a previous question.
McCain - Defends illegal immigrants, at least the good ones. He says that his bill isn't amnesty, there are fines and restrictions.
Romney - Something about the Z-visas. I didn't really understand his answer..

8:10 pm
Question to Romney about Illegal immigration. Some boos after question was asked.
Romney points out what Giuliani's policies have done for New York as far as illegal immigration is concerned.
Question to Giuliani. Pull's up an old quote on him. He corrects Chris Wallace on the executive order that he had given out.
Question to McCain. McCain is being humorous this time compared to previous debates. Recognizes that the immigration debate has enraged conservatives.
Question to Huckabee. Pulled up a quote about how racism has somewhat to do with the conservative anger. Gives a great answer.
Question to Tancredo. I have a feeling that Tancredo is kinda racist and angry.. just my opinion.
Question to Hunter. Wallace asks if the border wall across the entire southern border is feasible. He promises to build the wall in 6 months.. yeah right.

8:08 pm
Huckabee got the first question. It's about Fred Thompson, I think the question is dumb.
Huckabee is very kind on Thompson.. calls him "no-show Thompson"
Ron Paul said something..
McCain is talking for too long..made some jokes
Romney advised Thompson to stay off longer..
Giuliani said something nice well.. he's stumbling in speech though. Points out that the leading democrats don't have any executive experience. Good point.

8:05 pm
Tomcredo got little applause. Ron Paul, Huckabee, Brownback, Hunter moderate applause. Romney, Giuliani and McCain got mid-high applause.

8:00 pm
Large audience at the University of New Hampshire..

7:55 pm
Fred Thompson's ad on O'Reilly factor.. not too impressive. His theme is Security. Unity. Prosperity. It seems like he has lot of old-timers on his campaign.


Lafayette said...

You're absolutely right. Huckabee will gain in visibility due to the short colloquy with Paul. It's a good fight for him to pick. McCain did very well too, but it would take a lot for him to revive.

Justin Thomas said...

I agree with you Lafayette. I hope that clip will be shown over and over and over.. haha.
Thanks for your comments.

D.Roman said...

Good, post. Keep up the hard work.

Justin Thomas said...

thanks roman.. i try, back at ya too!