Tuesday, September 11, 2007



By: Dick Morris & Eileen McGann

There’s a new first in the 2008 presidential campaign.

We’ve already seen the first woman candidate, Hillary Clinton, and the first African-American with widespread support and a serious chance at winning the presidency.

But now there’s another groundbreaker: the first lobbyist candidate — Fred Thompson.

Thompson was a lobbyist for 20 years before he was elected to the Senate, representing the Tennessee Savings and Loan Association, the deposed Haitian President Aristed, and the National Planning & Reproductive Health Association...(cont)


Anonymous said...

On September 7th, Mitt Romney said that rivals Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee needed to raise $20 million in the next few months to join him in the top tier.

Romney Ups Stakes in Volatile GOP Race

It looks like he was serious. The United States presidency is up for sale on eBay. Starting bid: $20 million. Seller: WillardRomney.

US Presidency for Sale on Ebay

Obviously a hoax, but a clever one, nonetheless. I think it deserves some noise.

Anonymous said...

David Huckabee designed the TeamHuckabee site.

Justin Thomas said...

well, no offense to David, but I think that site is of no use. Graphically too, it could use some work (if they are going to keep it)