Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Yes, Sen. Brownback.

How about those candidates that didn't show up? Yes they are mini-losers. The loss of support they had among the delegates are at least understandable.

Brownback, on the other hand, came in with 26 delegates supporting him and after the debates left with only 18 supporters. He spent 3 hours on that stage and didn't gain any supporters, instead lost them after they saw him talk.

Why can't he get the message? He is just not electable and not Presidential material. He is a good senator and almost everybody agrees with that.

Today his campaign came out with a news release mocking Gov. Huckabee for not knowing what the 'Mexico City Policy' was. During the debates, when Huckabee asked to clarify what the questioner meant, Brownback jumped in and try to answer his question. That was a turn-off to those in the audience and everybody else who was watching the debates in other mediums. Brownback came off as disdainful.

I hope some in the Brownback campaign will speak the truth to him and urge him to drop his candidacy for the good of the 'values voters' that he cares about so much.

Co-sign the letter here.

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Anonymous said...

Brownback needs to stop before his reputation becomes even more tarnished. His insults of other candidates don't help him one bit -- he just makes himself look like a sore loser.

huckabeehound bob