Sunday, September 23, 2007


I have to say that Gov. Huckabee looks quite presidential in this video. I don't know who compiled this video but they did a horrible job.

To make Washington work, we need a president that is willing to listen to the other side and be humble. Fight when 'values' are at stake, but in other areas try to find positive ideas from the other side and give credit where it is due.

I ask those who haven't heard of Gov. Huckabee or do not support him for any particular reason to reevaluate him and give him a chance to succeed.


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Larry said...

Hello from another Oklahoma blogger. I enjoy reading your blog and have it in my RSS feeds.

The video may be horrible, but Mike shines, as always. His is a fresh, new view on the way things should be done. Lord willing, he will be President Mike after the smoke settles down.